who is Ala Hazrat- Imam Ahmad reza ? Biography of Ahmad reza khan

Biography of Imam Ahmad Reza (R)

Al-ahazrat ,Imam Ahmad reza Khan ( Rahmatullah Alaihi) was a Great Scholar in India , born on 14 June 1856 ( 10 Sauwal 1272 AH) in a big city of U.P, (city Name Bareilly) India.  His Father’s Name is Naki Ali Khan (r) Grandfather’s Name is Raza Ali Khan (r). His Birth Name (Real Name) was Muhammad and his Grandfather Raza Ali Khan choose a name for him  Ahmad Reza, from this time Name Ahmad Reza is famous in in India and others countries in the world. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters today we will try to know about Scholar Imam Ahmad Reza (r) deeply and clearly.

Early Life
Imam Ahmad reza (R) born on 14 june 1856 (10 Sauwal 1272 AH) in bareilly .He started Learning Early education from his father Naqi Ali khan
(R) And Grandfather Raza Ali Khan ( R). and he memories Quran when he was 4 year old and He waz gave a beautiful Lecture on Miladun Nabi (Peace be upon him) when he was
6 year old. his Grand father Naqi Ali Khan died when he waz 10 year old. After that he learned from – Hazrat Abdul Ali Rampuri,Hazrat
Sayed Shab-al- Hossain Ahmad noori,Hazrat Ale Rasul Marhari,Hazrat shaikh Ahmad bin Zain Dahlan Al- Makki,Hazrat abdur Rahman al- Makki,Hazrat hossain bin Saleh Makki
( Grace of Allah upon them) and more .

Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Reza was a Mujaddid of 1400s,Ulama-e-Beralvi says. He has worked hard in the field of Tafshir,Hadith explanation and Fiqah  and  He wrote almost 1400 Books. He Wrote books in Arabic,Persian and Urdu. 

Some famous Book of Ahmad Reza

  • Kanzul Iman (translation of the holy Qur’an)
  • Fatawa Razawiyyah
  • Husamul Haramain
  • Hadaikh-e-Bakhsisk
  • Al Daulatul Makkiya bil madatul Gaibiya
  • Al Amn ol ula
  • Tamhid e Iman
  • Al Fuyoozul Makkiyah and more

Kanzul Iman – Kanzul Iman Urdu Translation of Qur’an is a 1910 paraphrase. After it has been translated into English,Hindi,Bengali,Turkish,Sindhi,Guzrati,Pashto.

Fatawa Razawiyyah- Fatawa-e-Razawiyyah is main Fatawa book of Ahle sunnah in hind which written by Ahmad Reza Khan in Arabic language During writing he has followed Quran and Hadith. He did not anythin against Quran and Hadith.It Published in 30 volumes and in approx 22,000 Pages.in this book have solution of daily problems of religion . after it has been translated into Urdu,Hindi,Bengali and others. if you want to read this book then you can download PDF file from online.

Husamul Haramain- Husamul Haramain (the sword of the Haramain at the throat of unbelief and falsehood ) (1906) He wrote this book against Aqidatul Kufr (unbelief and falsehood ) which declared infidels the founder of Deobandi,Ahl-e-Hadith,Ahmadiyya movement on the basis of the they did not have the proper veneration of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and finality of prophrthood in their writing . in defense of his verdict he obtained confirmatory Signature from almost 268 traditional Islamic sunni scholars in south Asia and some from Macca and madian. This book has written in Arabic and after it has been translated into English and Urdu and Bengali and others.

Hadaik-Bakhsish- Alahazrat Imam Ahmad reza wrote Hadaik-e-Bakhsish in Urdu language . This books about Naat e Mustafa (Poetry Book )

Imam Ahmad Reza waz a Ashiq-e Rasool (Peace be upon him) He could not Bear if anyone says anything against the prophet (Peace be upon him) He has been protesting against kufr faith all his life. the main weapon of war was the pen.
Maulana Ashraf Ali thanvi,Rarid ganguhi,and mirza Golam ahmad Qadyani and others who write some bad faith in their books. Ahmad Reza Exposed all of Them .

Imam Ahmad Reza khan waz a sufi person ,He supported Tawasul,Mawlid,Ilm-e- Gaib of prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and Hazir Nazir,And Qiyam and he has proved them in his book in the light of Qur’an and Hadith.

Ahmad reza become a Murid of Imamul Asfiya Shah Ale Rasool Marehrawi.His Murshid Bestowed him Khilafat.

Death- Ala Hazrat Ahmad Reza (r) died on 28 October 1991 (25th Safar 1340H) in his home.

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